AMy Gregory

THE FOUNDER of Powerhouse brokered by EXP REALTY

Mom to 4 and top producing agent, Amy is a lover of home, business and family. As serial entrepreneur, she returned to real estate when she saw an opportunity to use social media.

It worked, allowed her to break 6-figures her rookie year, while only working about 10 hours a week. Even better? She had a baby in October of that year and took the last two months of the year off.

THE FOUNDER of Powerhouse brokered by EXP REALTY

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with Amy Gregory

The power of social media allowed Amy Gregory to set records on pricing and landed her in the top 1% of agents at eXp Realty in less than 2 years.

Voted a top 10 agent on social media in Arizona, she has developed a system to growing my reach and influence with the power of social media.  

Now she is on a mission to help other moms in real estate start, grow and scale their real estate businesses with the power of social media. She calls it 100 moms to $100k and it's all through the the model that eXp brokerage offers that this is possible. 

Amy created Powerhouse, a modern approach to real estate and national community of agents that specializes in cross-training on a variety of topics. Powerhouse allows agents to brain share with one another to build better, more sustainable businesses, increasing profits and efficiency. Community led, our focus is low overhead and high profits, while building businesses that support our lifestyles.


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The goal in any business is always simple. It boils down to a few things: overhead low, profits high + multiple streams of revenue. Inside of Powerhouse there are many way we're committed to helping you grow inside your business.


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